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  • FFS Heavy Packaging Bag 

  • The packaging film which can carry 10~50solid particles or powder materials is commonly called heavy packaging film. Generally, 25 bags are used,which is also called 25bags. In addition,due to the need of pallet stacking, both sides of the bag are folded. The cross section of the bags is similar to M,so they are also called M folded bags or folded bags. FFS heavy packaging bag is a kind of automatic forming bag, which has high packaging efficiency and low cost . It is a high-tech product in packaging industry.

  • Yuandian FFS Heavy Packaging Bags are made from some solid particles or powder materials by blowing machine made by German W& H , bagging machine and flexibility printing machine,and emboss machine. With Europe technology blowing machine,Yuandian offline converting machine is more efficiency and flexible. Printing, folding and emboss can be in one process line . 

  • Advantages of FFS Heavy Packaging Bag 
  • a.Increase packing efficiency, reduce labor cost
  • To adopt automatic packing method, it can improve 3~5 times efficiency than traditional packing method , and reduce 75 % labor .
  • b.Flexible loading capacity
  • In order to meet different customers’ requirements , it is more flexible in packaging color, bag thickness and specification. Excellent sealing, moisture- proof,water- proof and anti-fouling property,which can withstand high temperature of 70~80 ℃ in cans and dozens of turnaround. It is convenient for transportation and storage to ensure the products quality.
  • c.Environment Friendly User
  • To Yuandian FFS heavy packaging bag, the thickness is reduced , and strength is increased. The packaging cost is better than traditional packaging. Easy to recycle, and protect ecosystems.

  • FFS Heavy Packaging Bag



Thickness (μm




Bag Length (㎜)


Depth of Insertion(㎜)


  • Remark: Special specification available upon request