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ProPak China ,Meet Again Next Year!


On June 19-21, 2019, Yuandian Technology joined in Shanghai International Food Processing & Packaging MachineryExhibition (ProPak China and FoodPack China), which was held at the Shanghai Hongqiao-National Convention and Exhibition Center. Yuandian Technology adheres to the tenet of "intelligent creation for transportation and storage ", demonstrates packaging technology and load-stability solutions in crucial market , achieves sustainable economic, social and environmental development, and pursues win to win situation for enterprises and stakeholders .

In order for customers to know high tensile performance of the 55-layer nano-stretch film on-site. Yuandian technology used Suzhou Jianji's Little Yellow Man Winding Machine for on-site packaging demonstration. Attract customer attention at home or aboard.

Based on the requirements of safety and stability during the transportation process, Yuandian Technology creatively proposes to use the palletizing anti-slip agent to apply evenly on the thinned bag surface, and use the special properties of the anti-slip agent to improve the stability of palletizing , making the loading and unloading process safer and more stable, at the same time, the thickness of the FFS heavy package bag can also be greatly reduced.

Let us look forward to meet again in 2020!